Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Wonderful Community The Best Part of Breeding!

Sometimes I just have to sit and think about all the wonderful people I have around me in the breeding community. When I think about all the wonderful adopters I have met and long term friendships as a result, I cant help but smile!

The rattery's I mentor in Colorado were at some point all adopters. And we built a wonderful friendship that has lasted years. I really appreciate them and enjoy their company. Those breeders would be H2R, Isbn and RuBY. I talk to them all on a regular basis and swap lines and ideas. These are people I can trust and never have to worry about with my lines. I can sap freely and visa versa and we are just there for each other! What a big help that is when your working with several lines. You can really get more accomplished with extra help!

But we also have this HUGE community of adopters on the Colorado Rat List which I founded. That's taken me years to cultivate, but what a blessing too. Its a great place to just talk about rats and get new ideas. And there have been times when we meet up and have a drink and just have fun. I think its very important to keep the community close.

Its so nice to have such a strong community, I don't know of any other state that has such a large one as Colorado. So nice to have all the support! What other state has 400 members in a community? No one does! This is just such a positive environment to be in too! Its unparalleled!

Thank you all for being so wonderful!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Shipping/Adopting To Other Breeders Democrattery and the dishonesty

In the years I have bred I have been asked to ship my stock to breeders in other states many times. And as a responsible breeder I have MANY restrictions to ensure proper care of my babies. And I state those clearly on my site.

However, more times then not I get lied to, walked on and screwed over by them. In fact I can count on 4 fingers all the breeders who were honest and were real professionals. On 3 more hands I can count those who were not.

I usually spend months getting to know a person before I ship them. To try and weed out the idiots. But some of them are so good at lying that I am not onto them until after they get my rats.

When I started breeding I couldn't get email responses from some of the breeders out here in Colorado. But there was one that contacted me back very cheerfully. She adopted to me some of what she called "hybrid" rats, and as an uneducated breeder I didn't know any better and fell for it. She said they were wild crosses and had what seemed to be good reasoning for having them. Turns out she had made up fake pedigrees for them and a fake breeder out of NY. They had come from a pet shop! The NARR and Rats Pac NW caught her with that and banned her. I tried asking her for help on genetics hoping to find a mentor, but the 1st question I asked her was how I could make more American Blue rats and her answer was "get 2 white rats and breed those together". So it went on like that for a while and every single thing she told me didn't add up to the research I found. She then told myself, and multiple, multiple other breeders how she abused animals in very discussing way's. So I made way with haste! Never to speak to her again. I took her rats back to the pet shop wherefor they belonged, as they were severely aggressive and were having limb deformities in the litters. I've never adopted to pet shop before or after that but figured that was appropriate. This breeder then stalked me for 8 years and still is. Shes in NY now.

A few years ago I had one in town breeder watch my rats for me while I broke my leg. So I signed a bunch of contracts and asked her to adopt out the litter I had born there with my contract. And she asked me for a down under baby which I adopted to her on a non breeder contract. But long after that I found out that she took one of my signed contracts and gave herself breeding rights on it. And then shipped them to other breeders in PA. And then shipped my dwarf line also on a non breeding contract to the Czech Republic! So all those breeders had to be notified of the non breeding rights and illegal situation they had dumped on them. OY! I have a page about more of that here: This is my idiot contract as I call it. If you use it without me knowing, your contracting yourself not to be able to have permission to breed my rats. I save this one for a rainy day...

I had adopted from a breeder in CA whos now in another state. Her lines seemed very well established and she had great references. I got something like 9 rats from her. When they aged and when I bred them to my lines every single female I got from her got mammary tumors, and so did all the female babies. So when I contacted her I got no response. I then contacted her sister rattery. And she told me "oh yes we know of at least 4 other mammary tumors in that pedigree before we sent them to you." WHAT! That is not right! Also the Harley line I had gotten from her was severely aggressive, had severe allergies, zymbols gland tumors, greasy hair to the point that my hands got grease on them! I had put all my faith in this woman's lines! And I about lost all of my lines as a result.  I actually had to go back to my adopters to get my old lines back and try to recover. I spent all of 2008 and 2009 fixing the damage she had done.

Back in 2009 I shipped to a breeder in PA. Who swore up and down she had not worked with a certain breeder with a very bad rep. Cause I didnt want my lines bred to those bad ones... And I also contracted her not to let my lines go to any other breeder for 6 generations and my Rex cant go to any other breeders as I always do. Later come to find out she was working with said breeder and whored my lines out to several breeders right away! And them quit breeding and made sure my lines went to other breeders who should not have them. Instead of adopting them out on a non breeding contract like she was contracted to do.

Just last week I adopted rats to a breeder in Chicago IL . (everyone needs to know who it is so they can steer clear and save themselves the trouble of dealing with a very dishonest breeder) I had given her my contractual terms verbally, and they were only 2 (instead of my 13 point restrictions on my idiot contract or adopter only contract.) I only wanted my lines to stay away from other breeders for 6 gens, and my Rex gene can never go to another breeder, I have all this in writing in IM' with her agreement. She was also just a new breeder and was asking for help building her site. So I gave her suggestions on that. And I sent her my "idiot" contract as an example to use for her own contract when she makes one for her new rattery. I have this in writing as well where I tell her its only as a template for making her own contract. It was not for her as that's my adopter only contract. My breeder contract is a separate deal. So for weeks and weeks we talked and got to know each other, she even shipped me some mice. And while I never saw many pictures of them she told me they were hairless and had a very rare mutation she was calling them. And she said one was a Hereford, also a pretty hard to find pattern. I had them for about a week and they were pretty fuzzy still and I mentioned to her they looked fuzzy not hairless, but she assured me they would go bald. Just a little history on the mouse shipment... Anyway, I always ship my babies at 6-7 weeks old. But she was so exited and beside herself that she could not wait. And I had babies from several litters for her. She had been having me update her with pix daily and as taking on me as it was I obliged. One litter was Rex and the other was double Rex (those will only make 100% Rex litters). So on the day I post the final individual pictures she only picks babies from the double Rex litter. Not the single Rex gene litter. Which was irritating to me as she had that whole other litter on hold for weeks and I turned down many adopters on them because they were supposed to go to this breeder. But now I need to last minute find homes! UGH! She claims to me she didnt want them after all since they carried recessive blaze in her opinion (they do not!). So what does she do? She goes to another local breeder I am mentoring her in Colorado and pick a baby from him from the same line that she claims carries recessive blaze. The gene she doesn't want. Only this baby too is double Rex. She also chooses a double Rex dwarf of mine and a double Rex hairless dwarf of mine. So allll double Rex's.  Now when she goes to breed them, she cannot get anything but double Rex. And she cannot now share them with other breeders, as I contracted her that my Rex gene cannot go to other breeders ever. So this local breeder and I sign the 2 point contract and email it to her. She wanted the rats soooo bad that like I said I decided to let her have them before my normal 6-7 week age.  So the morning of the shipment, the day the other breeder was asked for the one rat form her, he comes over to drop it off and we sigh the contract. The same contract terms her and I had agreed on for weeks and weeks before (I couldn't get it in writing before that because she decided last minute she wanted them right now!). This was a very lenient contract with the 2 restrictions instead of the 13 in my "idiot" contract. I was really trusting her with that one... So I email it to her in the morning and wait all day for her to sign and return it. And she says shes at work and cant but when she gets home she will. And I said ok. Even though the shipment was going out that night. So what does she do? She refuses to read it until later the next afternoon. Way after the babies arrived. And she ignores me all that next day. And I am getting a little impatient cause she said she would have it to me the night before and didn't and the whole next day she still avoids it. So I ask her, where is the signed contract. And she completely flips out. She goes nuclear on me. She states that she refuses to sign it because it so strict of a contract that it makes her not be able to work with anyone because the babies are all double Rex and she cant adopt them to other breeders. And I said well these are the terms you agreed to, its not my fault that you choose all double Rex at the last second and screwed yourself. The terms I gave you allowed you to share standard haired babies with breeders and that would have worked if you took the babies you had me raise for you. So she tells me that she is going to write up a whole new contract for me to sign that's more reasonable for her. To which I says no... the adopter does not make the contract I do. Period. But I can work with you on this, you can either send them back to me and I will pay for it, or you can sign the contract thats signed by both of the breeders and the terms you agreed to. Those are your options. So here is what she does... she takes my "idiot" contract that I had months prior gave to her as an example for her own contract, takes it to a notary (probably a family member or friend cause its illegal to notarize someone else's doc with no siggy) signs it and says this is the contract she agrees to. Even though as I explain to her that it says on it its for adopters only. Its the non breeding contract. So obviously this is not legal as my or the other local breeders siggy is on the thing. Its just rediclous really. And she threatens me that shes going to go public all over Facebook with it tonight. And of course she lies to everyone that I changed her terms and she has her contract all notarized and shes paid for the rats before I contracted her with this new contract and only the terms on the notarized one work cause she agreed to those terms before she paid for them. She makes them think the notarized one was notarized with mine and her siggy before the shipment was sent out. But really its dated 2 days after the shipment was received and my sig is not on it... Shes thinking that the "idiot" contract was more to her liking, but what she didn't do was read the thing! It's my "idiot" contract for a reason! She's now just contracted herself and notarized it and thinks she can follow a contract that states:

Now she can't breed them at all! OMG see this is why I save this thing and only give it to breeders. In case they steel it and give them selves breeding rights! 2nd dumb breeder to do it! And this is the contract she told people on face book she is going to follow. And then when I reminded her that she cannot breed based on the above check marked point, she now changes her story and says the contract is null. This way she doesn't have to be contracted at all. Since its easier for her. FYI... the mice she sent me were not hairless they were fuzzy! And the Hereford was not that at all he was a basic every day run of the mill blazed like you get from pet co. So now has she not only alienated herself from me, the other breeder she got a rat from and the info on the future of the line, but because she refused my contract, I registered them as non breeding status on NARR. And she is alienated form the history of the line also. Also let me mind you that she says she agreed to the terms before she paid for them, I do not charge breeders for my rats I have never once done it! That is even on more than one page of my site. And everyone knows it! And I told her that a dozen times and I have that in writing to her, I do not charge breeders! She sent me a small thank you paypal transaction right before I sent them even though I said not too (I have that in writing) and one right after, and neither total nearly as much as I charge adopters for my rats. I did not charge her and she did not pay for them! She would have to owe me a lot more money to have paid for them. She has also now taken my prefix off of my rats on her site. Which is very dishonest and sketchy in the rat community.

Anyone see anything honest about doing things like that? WOW! What a bad way to start a rattery. And she names her rattery after the theme of mine, and now every time someone sees her site they think of me. She has now Imed me on FB once and emailed me one other time threatening me. She contacted  other people complaining about me and threatening me through them 2 times. Now I have received 4 threats. Says I have to take her info off my site showing she adopted them. Also showing the history of the mice she shipped me. Its honest to tell where they came from! And where my rats went!  OY! Just because she did something wrong does not mean I am going to be walked on and turned into her puppet. Look I didn't do anything wrong. She did. I don't need to change anything. And she has bred one of my dwarf females now at just barley 4 months old which is animal abuse and will likely kill her, as they need to be bred at 6-7 months old because they are not fully developed and cannot handle pregnancy as that infantile age and besides breeding my rats anyway, she is now offering them to other breeders which I have proof of. Also against the contract she agreed to, as it stated my rats cannot go to another breeder for 6 generations. FYI I had posted a whole string of comments from this breeder that she had told one of my best rattery friends, I removed them because my friend asked me to. Out of respect for her because she doesn't want to be involved in the middle of fire, it was bad enough this breeder I shipped to had to contact my friend to trash talk me anyway. So my friend is more important to me in this case. But shes now stalking me all day every day on my site and here, she is guilty of harassing me, defamation in trying to ruin my rep, cyber stalking and cyber bullying.  So I am tracking that and taking note. Note the tracker below.

Here is one screen shot of her using her laptop to stalk me on my website. The counter says 129 times just on this computer. Shes got several more computers and a phone that I have tracked as well. It just never stops even months later.
Her illegal cyber stalking my site. And proof of it. All of the dates have been tracked and logged as proof of what's going on after I asked for a cease and desist. Which I am doing here again for the public to see. If there is not a cease and desist by Laticia K. of DEMO Rattery I will be contacting a lawyer and exercising all my rights to obtain any and all legal remedies that are available to me.
Her cyber stalking my site the same day. The pic above is proof of IP. And I have many, many of these
Proof that she's also cyber stalking this site. Which is why I am now posting these 3 pictures so she can see the cease and desist on todays date which is the same date posted on the pictures.Note tracker logging that she visited my site at from this blog at and its the same visiter. This is a public request for her to stop since she made it very public on facebook with her defamation of my character in many situations. This way no one can debate that she was asked to stop. As many people know what she is doing since she made it very public. As its not FB rules for me to post it there. So I am doing it here. The 1st request to leave me alone was in a private email. And it did not work.  Once it has been noted and a screenshot has been taken of her next visit I will notate that the message was delivered and received. 
Proof of cease and desist being received, this is a screenshot of this blog. I will add more of the proof of receipt pictures as they come in if she infact does not stop cyber stalking me like I have asked her to do. I can only hope for the best.

4/22/2013 Proof she is still stalking my website at and visited the dwarf and saw the desist order rats page and again recieved the public cease and decist. Half the time she stalks me it is from Lincolnwood as IP tracking is not exact on cities, also it depends on the computer being used. This time I believe this is her home PC which she runs windows on. Its also her pattern to do it when she gets up in the morning on weekdays. Below is further proof of that. Containing her exact IP and location... Also proof she came right from my blog. So same person. Seems like she loves to be illegally cyber stalking me. Loves it.

This is the tracking info for the visit above which my website does for me.

More proof of this occurrence with the info expanded.

More proof of this exact occurrence fully expanded. Note that she has cyber stalked me 61 times just on this computer alone. Yes it was ehr that say the desist order on the dwarf rats page, and knows to stop once again...

And lastly for this particular cyber stalking episode, proof of her stalking this page. So she has now seen the desist order once again.


Shes still stalking. Using a new computer and phone to make it look like a new person. Yet still stalking this page using a link saved in a book mark to one of the links to these pictures, Instead of the blog link. And stalking the same pages on my site as before. My mouse page to see about the mice she sent me, the dwarf page she is complaining about on forums that she cant get info on because she adopted them from me, and my nursery and adoption pages which she personally threatened me over stating shes planning to turn me into the state because according to her I breed to many rats and sell to many. Proof below.

Stalking same pages as before. I have more screen shots of her on this page with link to photos instead of the blog URL. But thats only proof shes acting like shes not stalking but really is.

In conclusion, this is the kind of thing that makes you lose faith in people. Do people really have to either be a crook or a liar? All the trust you put in them and months of hard work and for what? Sometimes I think shipping is not worth it. Maybe just shipping to my friends that I trust in AZ and NH are the only ones I want to deal with. My suggestion, don't ship! Save yourself the heartache!