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I am going to start a blog page for the rattery. I intend to post my thoughts on breeding, genetics and how I started out. Along with other rat related issues I come across in the community or in my breeding's. However the main purpose of this blog is to help encourage new breeders and give them the info they want and need to survive as a breeder. I also will be posting info for the general rat owner.

As the years progress I learn so many new things, and I change the way I breed based on my experiences and what I have learned. Its been a real learning process. I would like to share that with you.

Things in the rat community are forever changing. When I started breeding in 1998 I didn't have the Internet as it was new for a lot of folks. And they way people bred before the Internet was much different than it is now. It was more difficult to network with people and share ideas. But when I got my 1st computer in 2004 I learned there is a wealth of information being posted on the Internet. And this has made it so much easier to learn about the rats I breed. There are so many rat forums, Facebook, rat clubs and rat breeder websites to research from, and to connect with people on. While it can be hard for people new to the community to determine what info is good and worth believing, I want to educated people on the positives that I have found that have helped me learn. I would like to let you know about bad information I have heard about too. So many things are wives tails and just not true. And its hard for the new rat owner to know what to believe. It goes without saying too that breeders are getting the wrong info on certain things as well.

So I am hoping by making this blog I can be of some benefit to you. Maybe I can help you sort out some things, and learn a bit about me. One of my favorite parts of being a long time breeder is teaching. Partially because I spent some years teaching autistic preschoolers, and the other part because I love people and my community here in Colorado.... I just like to share what I know!

So please subscribe to my blog if you interested in what I have to say. And feel free to comment if you have positive feed back.

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