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I started breeding in 1998. This is before I knew there were other rat breeders to connect with in the world. I did not even have the internet at that time. So I didn't know there were pedigreed rats available to breed with. 

My 1st rat Stanley, a fawn hooded was from a feeder bin at Scales and Tales. He was the friendliest rat! I had gone into the store to get some food for my water turtles when I saw a cage full of baby rats behind the register. I asked the employee if I could look at them. When I reached in Stanley ran up my arm and onto my shoulder. I stood there with the deer in the headlights look. I was not expecting that! So for a little over a dollar I purchased him. Later that week I went back and got him 3 black Berkshire and Hooded females.

I really enjoyed making them cool toys and ladders. I had several cages connected and we had a ton of fun! But when I decided to breed them, the babies were not very healthy. And later in life and several generations later, Stanley and his harem had health problems too. And I had to stop breeding them because of it.

That's when I decided that there had to be a better way for me to get healthy pets for myself. So I started looking for some better options. In 2004 I got my 1st computer. That's when I found this huge community of rat breeders. I also found out breeders were making rattery names and had websites. So I did the same. That's when I coined the name Camarattery. And I really consider the start to my breeding program in 2004.

And as most new breeders find, the rat community isn't always overly welcoming to new breeders. And I had stumbled upon someone that was not respected in the rat community and I didn't know it. So I started talking to this breeder for a couple of months. And in my research of genetics, the answers I found to my questions didn't agree with what she was saying. So after discovering she was dishonest and I was getting bad references for her I went my separate way without haste. But the rat community was not offering me any help on getting rats of my own either. So I started to build a good reputation and was able to ship some really nice rats in.

Never having an opportunity to have a mentor I had to do all my own research and learn on my own. At that time the Colorado rat community was going through a shift of interests and falling apart. And breeders were quitting. So I had no options. However, I can truly say that it is completely possible to do things all on your own. I did it and so can anyone who puts forth an honest effort. You do not have to start a rattery with unpedigreed rats either! Its all about patience.

After making a website and learning more about breeding rats, I had a real desire to start getting the Colorado rat community going again. So I started the Colorado Rat List. I wanted to have a place of peace and tranquility where the community and myself could learn and feel at home. And it has been since January of 2006.

I have had a great time in the years I have had my rattery. I have worked with some really smart breeders. Shipped in great rats and shipped my rats to other breeders. I have had the opportunity to be trained as a AFRMA sanctioned show judge. And I have mentored some great rat breeders in Colorado.

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