Past And Future Articles

This page will give you quick access to the pages I have written in the past. I will also post the topics of future articles.  All of these suggestions came from the community, from people that want this information. The main point of my blog information is to encourage new breeders, but also to educate the public. So with that theme in mind, I want to hear what you would like for me to write about! Please contact me via email or post a comment on this page for future article suggestions! Or to vote on what I should write next!

Suggested future topics: 
(I will write them in order of need,  or which are voted for the most!)

The importance of good record keeping -  2 vote
Diet - 2 vote
Housing & Safe Toys and rat proofing your home - 2 vote
Bedding - 2 vote
Safe cleaning products - 2 vote
What info you need on your website - 2 vote
Website professionalism - 2 vote
Beginner genetics, what is dominant, recessive, basic color codes and how markings work - 2 votes
Breeding age of parents, resting period, how many times to breed parents & how many litters to do at the same time for back up. - 1 vote
Understanding inbreeding, line breeding & out crossing, is it good or bad - 1 vote
Ridiculous adopters,weird/unfair/rude questions they ask & do not adopt too list - 2 vote

Past articles:

April of 2012
Starting A Rattery
Starting A Rattery Part 1 - Starting Out
Starting A Rattery Part 2 - How To Get Past The Headache Of Breeders!
Starting A Rattery Part 3 - Steps To Avoiding The Headache
Starting A Rattery Part 4 - Finding Your Place of Zen

May of 2012
Choosing A Rattery Prefix And How To Use It

December of 2012
Shipping/Adopting To Other Breeders
A Wonderful Community The Best Part of Breeding!

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