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As breeders, while we have a wealth of wonderful adopters we come a cross, some that make it all worth while! Sadly however, we also come across some very unfair, rude ones. And the crazy things they expect from us or say to us are just uncalled for. These are things people should not say because they are just common sense that it's going to be received offensively. So yes I am going to post these. So that people can learn what's appropriate to say to a breeder (or any human being) that's working so hard to breed sweet pets for your children.... It's not our fault we get treated rudely, but let me explain what people say that's so ridiculous. If this offends you, then don't read it. It offends me too, the fact that I have to be treated this way.....

I have people contacting me all the time asking for a pet for their child's b-day which is this weekend. And when I politely point out that I have not done any breeding this month as its my normal scheduled month off (which is posted all over my site), or I may tell them that all the babies in my nursery are spoken for..... They get violent, sometimes even threatening me! My site clearly states that if you want rats bred for a special occasion you need to let me know 2 months in advance as gestation is 3 weeks and the babies go home 5 weeks later. Its not my fault if you are doing something last minute! Frustrating! My rats are bred for those people on my wait list, I don't have tons of left overs like a pet shop! So get on the wait list on time.

I also get people asking for things that don't exist in the United States of America or things I don't even have the genetic possibility to make (which is obvious because I post the varieties I breed for). I had one adopter ask me for a Chocolate Roan, a Dwarf Dumbo Manx, a Martin, a Silver, and a few others, and she wanted them all at the same time. Impossible! Please only ask for the things I specialize in. Then she got irate at me for telling her I cannot make those for her as I don't have the genetics for it.

I had one man named Randal Morgan get mad at me because my rats are contracted not to be kept on Care Fresh because I (and most other breeders) have had too many respiratory ailments caused because of the sever dust in the bedding. So he contacts Care Fresh and pastes my contract into an email to them explaining that I am actively trying to give their company a bad name. And he threatens to blog about me. I quickly pointed him to my blog and asked if he would like to appear on this page. And asked he if had researched that I blog before he poked that comment. I guess he doesn't care if I am looking out for the needs of my rats. Apparently he knows more about breeding than my 29 years of experience does.

I have people all the time who refuse to read my website, contact me asking me about things listed on my short to the point home page. They couldn't even read the welcome page. And they get mad at me for asking them to look over the info on my site and get back to me. Honestly people, its a test, if you are not interested enough in researching the breeder you want pets from, then its a good judge of character for me. I can tell at that point that your not interested in researching the type of animal you want, and thus wont be able to care for them properly since you never read how to do it. If I can get the slightest whiff that your not interested in the educational info I post, adoption is denied. Period. And I put trick questions in my adoption application to be sure you read my info 1st.

I get people who want only one rat and ask for a specific one in my nursery. And they state they don't have any more rats at home. Yet right there on my nursery, where that person found the baby they want, it specifically states not to ask for single babies since rats are colony animals and cannot survive alone. So all my rats must go in same sex pairs or trio's. Again, another person who didn't read about what the basic needs of this species is. Adoption denied.

I had a crazy one contact me stating that there's a conversation about me on Craigs List. And she gives me the link. Now I don't use CL as its against their rules to post litters and such... But I went to look at the link. Apparently someone was selling a BEW rat and another person (the one that contacted me) came on complaining and stating that all BEW rats are blind deaf and dumb and should be put down... (which is all untrue, this person was stupid). Anyway they started emailing each other privately, and the person I got the email from was apparently posing as me on CR! And pissed this other person off and the pissed off person now threatens that they have "something special coming for "Camarattery" and I'd better watch my back. Ok so now the person posing as me gets scared that myself and my family is in danger and forwards all that info to me. Now they apparently have a conscience! So I promptly call the police and find out its against the law for this person to be posing as me because its identity theft..... Again, people, really? You put the lives of my family at risk just so you can spout your mouth about things to which you have no knowledge of. Don't even go there with me on that.

This one came from a breeder I know in PA I must share it as well...:

I get an email from a potential adopter, I thought. Turned out she adopted an older doe from me at some point. Just because I forgot to put her on the waiting list because of the things that have been going on in the family the past 1-2mths. which some of you know about. She had such an attitude with me saying she put so much money into the other rat because of it being sick, blah blah. I told her that isn't my issue she got this rat from when she was around a year old and I did NOT even breed this rat, nor did it come from my lines lol I got this rat as a pet from a lady at Rodent Fest the one year that didn't have very good conditions. And she thinks she is gonna use that against me when 1.) I never had issues with the rat while she was with me and 2.) I didn't even breed her nor have any relations to her here at the rattery. So she's yelling and screaming at me because saying she's gonna find another breeder. Sorry, but what the heck ever. For 1.) You do not come at me like that and expect to get my respect or a polite response 2.) If she would of emailed me nicely I would of been more than happy to move her up the waiting list for a litter to have 2nd pick after I make my picks, but no she rather go psycho adopter on me. Yeaaaah like that is gonna help any. I'm over here shaking in my boots.. Anyone wanna know more information on this adopter please email me and I also have the nasty email she sent me. Sorry I put my husband before her.. NOT!!!

Update 11/28/2012:

Here is another crazy example of an adopter than contacted me. This woman had apparently posted on an out of state rat breeders Facebook page wanting hairless mice. This breeder told this potential adopter to contact me as I will be getting some soon. But this potential adopter states on the FB thread that I Camarattery don't like her. So this breeder who refereed her to me tells me about it so I can respond and help her to adopt... So I post on the thread that I am sorry I looked you up in my emails as I archive all of them and it seems you never contacted me at all. So I am not sure why your stating I don't like you since we have never communicated. Said FB thread:

The following conversation is my conversation with her as she decided to PM me:

1.28.2016 I have a new one. This was an issue on the Colorado Rat list and FB. I was told by a new adopter that as soon as she posted on my forum this lady instantly contacted her privately and started complaining about how unethical I am. Which my adopter didn't buy for a second. So obviously I looked her up and saw that she once contacted me asking for a specific baby on my site that was reserved for another rattery. And I told her sorry I can't adopt that one out as it's already posted as reserved this was in 2013. We never spoke again until again until now. So pretty normal and calm conversation. Then on 12.18.215 she joined my forum.

Then out of nowhere on my FB page got this:

Jo..... T.... I'm surprised you bred a hairless female.. they tend not to make good moms..since they usually can't lactate.

Unhide · January 7 at 12:44am

Which is obviously uneducated since thats an issue bred out of breeder bred Hairless more then 10-15 years ago. So I block that because its trolly.

Next I get:

Ren.... T.... Well of course my mom couldn't respond because you blocked her so she couldn't respond.. Only an unethical breeder like yourself would block someone. Most quality breeders would never breed a hairless alone but would have a a surrogate mother to take care of the babies should it be needed. I had met a bird breeder recently who told me that you used to breed Budgies and you were very unethical.. I believe the same holds true for rats... As you removed my mom's comment on another post of yours, I figure you will remove and block me too.. but that is okay.. See, in this world of social media... you messed up big time. I really do question the quality of ALL of your rats but even more so.. your ethics.. You should NEVER sell babies and send them away at 4 weeks! They should stay with their mom until they are 6 weeks old.. Most good, quality rat breeders know this!! you are just a HOBBY BREEDER.. nothing more! J

To which other breeders defend me and laugh about this on the same page.

Then tonight after removing her from trolling on my forum the group sends her a notice telling her she left the group so I get this email:

YEAH! Was hoping this would happen!

My response:

If you wanted to be so hateful and mean then why troll on MY group other then to be a trouble maker? You and I never had any issues. Trolls cant stay. So you had to go.

Her response:

I didn't know it was your group and my intention was not to make trouble.. I've just had way too many people recently complain about you and your unethical ways.. You definitely have something to hide... but won't get into it.. I just feel for all your female rats that you over breed and for the babies that you remove from the mama way too early... You are unethical .... I wanted to get out once I realized what this stupid group was all about.. but just didn't have or make the time to figure it out.. so usually would just delete the posts...

Yes, people like you should not be breeding rats nor mice nor parakeets. I've had complaints from bird breeders about you too.. how unethical you are with double clutches...I've had many people tell me how rude and crazy you are... I believe them now! ha

Trust me, word will get out .. the truth always comes out with social media being so popular. I also know you were blocked from a facebook rat group .. ha

My response:

Oh yes you were the one trolling on my FB page saying these same lies. You made all of this up and tried to pass it off as truth. I just don't care how you feel since none of its true.

Her response:

Ha.. that is what you think... The complaints I've heard from others about you... I won't get into it.. I have better things to do... All I do know is what many have told me and I mean MANY.. You are very unethical Amy and I will leave it to that.. crazy and rude and unethical.. what a great breeder.. NOT!

I won't bother reading anymore of your emails.. Thankgoodness for the delete key... Thankgoodness for social media so I can warn others.. but many ask me when I am out and about ... You can not prove your pedigrees.. you over breed.. I know.. I have been monitoring your breeding for a while.. it is a joke.. but I have better things to do right now... Don't you have rats, parakeets, mice and god knows what else you are breeding to take care of?

Good riddance!

At this point I blocked her.

Now why would you make up that my rats leave mom too early? Where would you get things like that. My rats wean their own babies and once they are done at the normal 4 weeks they stay with mom another week. Of course being separated at 5 weeks because males are sexually mature, common sense there. As every serious professional rat breeder knows.

Then why would you make up that over breed my rats. Because breeding a rat one time is too much nowadays? Occasionally I may even breed a girl 2 times. Rarely. If she has outstanding traits. No big deal So why make up a lie?

Now breeding birds and double clutching. All ethical breeders do since birds will quad clutch. So I don't push mine. And why would another breeder say I am unethical when I talk to one another and I just met her on the off breeding season this year, And haven't bred yet since I met her. That's odd, so why make that up. My adopters all post publicly on my FB page how they adore my birds and ethics, so do my rat adopters, so nothing hidden there.

Also I don't have parakeets, or Mice. Haven't for a year. So why make that up? No one has ever called me unethical in my 33 years of breeding birds until this troll comes along making up lies that don't even apply to my breeding situation.

If your intention is not to make trouble like you said in your email, then why lie about it and make so much trouble.

Also why would people just randomly contact some nobody that's not in the rat or bird community about me just to vent. Because people find random emails and just email people for reasons that don't apply to them. I don't think so. No one knows you. Your tails are so tall it's laughable. Nothing you say is true. You prove yourself wrong every time you talk. Its funny how you say people have trouble with me but no one can  produce an email when I was mean. I am actually a very mellow kind person. That's what people are going to tell you if you were to talk to actual real people who have actually talked to me.

I do not hide ANYTHING. I am open about everything on public social media. I just had a breeder live with me for a year and share my rattery space with hers. And she posts about me and my ethics, and can't say enough about how she respects me. I hid nothing from her. I literally post everything on multiple, multiple sites. And no one has ever experienced any negativity from med that you say they do. You say things and act like its fact and nothing to back it. You know why I am so open, because I have nothing to hide. Also because of the fact of how hard I work to be ethical and I am very proud of that as I should be. I pride myself on my animal husbandry. And so do my adopters. The people who have actually met me. Funny how people who have never met me complain in your opinion. But the people who have rave about me. You should know you were trolling on my forum where people rave, and on my FB where it's the same situation. These are real actual people. Not your fakery.

Way to go for not trying to start trouble. You put so much effort into that. This is literally middle school mentality. You say your not trying to cause trouble and then say your watching me closely and thats ok. You're stalking me and trashing me to my adopters out of the blue and unwarranted and that's not trying to make trouble. And you were subscribed to my mailer. How dumb is that? You are a walking contradiction. I know you'll resign up on the mailer after you were removed because you don't like to cause trouble. And because you probably aren't stalking me. Also nice one telling my adopter you complained to that I blog about crazy people. So enjoy!

What your doing isn't  "not trying to start trouble". Its called defamation of character, cyber bullying and stalking. All 3 are illegal.

To be continued....

List of scary people that shouldn't be adopted to:

To be continued....

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